Medident Technologies Launches Next Phase in Development of its Innovative Plasma-Based Instrument Sterilizer

VANCOUVER, BC / October 16, 2018/ at 9:30AM PDT

Medident Technologies (the “Company”), announced today that it has launched the next development phase of its revolutionary plasma-based medical/dental instrument sterilizer in collaboration with StarFish Medical of Victoria, BC.

“StarFish Medical is Canada’s largest medical device design, development and contract manufacturing company. We help medtech innovators throughout North America overcome challenging technology obstacles to create breakthrough products that improve healthcare and save lives” StarFish CEO, Scott Phillips explains.

In consultation with the Company’s scientific and engineering team, StarFish will build a commercial size version of the “PlasmaClave” and develop the necessary protocols required to secure FDA and Health Canada regulatory clearances.

About Medident Technologies Inc.

Medident Technologies is focused on advancing medical innovation for healthier lives through the development of revolutionary technologies. By leveraging the experience of two highly successful inventors combined with the expertise of StarFish Medical, the Company’s leadership team is developing several inventive products that have global market appeal.

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