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The risk of infection is one of the world’s most pressing health problems and sterilization is an important mitigation tool in addressing this advancing tide. The Centers for Disease Control estimate that 100,000 people die every year from hospital acquired infections in the US. This example evidences the serious consequences of inferior infection control.


Effective sterilization is critical in hospitals, medical labs, health and dental practices and the full personal care spectrum, including acupuncture studios and wellness centers. Currently the dominant sterilization method employs high temperatures to create steam in devices called autoclaves. This approach however, is plagued with a number of disadvantages including:

Long cycle times – up to 75 minutes

Harmful waste by-products – fumes, water, chemicals

High energy consumption and maintenance


Medident Technologies has developed an inventive sterilization device called the PlasmaClave (Patent Pending). Its unique technology addresses the drawbacks of current methods and reduces sterilization cycle times by up to 90%.


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